Business Advisory

Small business: Set-up for Success!

As accountants, our job is multi-faceted. Besides analysing, evaluating and reporting on financial matters, our role also includes planning strategic direction for your business. Engaging us at the beginning before purchasing a business or when starting one from scratch gives you the best head start, as there are many challenges and decisions to consider …which is exactly where we can help.

Depending on where you are positioned we conduct a small business interview so we know exactly what you require and what we can provide. Our services cover:

  1. Establishing or modifying your business plan. The financial analysis section is crucial for how the business will be financed, estimated expenses and future growth predictions.
    We offer fresh insight and practical advice for making vital business decisions that aren’t just finance related but as an overall road map to achieving your goals.
  2. Critical business information. If you are buying an established business, it’s best to get us to look into the accounts to see if any potential issues arise. We do a thorough check to make sure all assets, leases and debts are accounted for. Alternatively, if it’s a start-up business, we determine and advise our clients on the groundwork to be done and the best legal business structure for their situation.
  3. Financing. If you are seeking financial input you will need to show investors and banks why they should invest in you. We support you in having professional reports generated as well as financial forecasting, practical budgeting, graphs and other important documents created.
  4. Day-to-day management. Small business accounting can quickly get out of hand if you do it yourself. We help with a range of tasks such as bookkeeping, payroll, superannuation, tax and Xero setup.
  5. Business advice. Our experience and knowledge in running a small business allows us to give in-depth information about what you need and need to understand. There is a long checklist of boxes to tick in operating a small business and knowing which ones to prioritise is vital. We guide you all the way and make running your business as smooth as possible. Accountants are small businesses too, so we understand the problems you face!

Our business advisory service provides clients with the tools and resources to achieve the best outcomes for their small business. Talk to us about how we can work with you in creating a business success plan.